Creating a Successful Business

Are you feeling a bit jealous when you see your colleagues succeeding in business? Have you been wondering what it takes to get to their level?

I know that a lot of people seem to think it is complicated to create a successful business.Well, actually, it’s not! It’s quite simple, really. I want to share a few ideas with you – ideas that have helped me to be on track for a multiple 6-figure business this year.

Public speaking is one of the best ways to grow your business – I don’t care what industry you’re in. You want to show confidence, when public speaking, from start to finish. It takes meaningful, relevant, sustainable content – along with showing confidence through your body language. You want to be certain to present your ideas with lots of energy and passion so that people get excited about the possibilities in store for them. How do you do this? Get out there and start talking.

One of the other secrets to success is to know your market – it is critical to price your products and services appropriately. This is the one area where I see many women entrepreneurs fail! It is a combination of lack of self-esteem and a sense of self-worth through to the fact ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ about pricing! I didn’t have a clue, quite frankly, until I made the investment to work with a high-level marketing coach. It was at that time, and in that relationship, that I learned so much of ‘how’ to do this. It is such a pleasure for me to work with my clients and see the light bulb come on when we explore the different options available – not only with the pricing, but with the creation of multiple streams of revenue.

You want to project a professional image to your community. As far as I’m concerned, this topic does not get addressed enough when it comes to having a successful business. If you are serious about becoming a wealthy woman leader, then you must look, act, speak and project yourself in this way. Find role models. Hire an image consultant. Do whatever it takes. Are you going to meetings looking like you just got out of bed? (I’ve seen it!) When you work from your home office, have you fallen into the trap that it’s convenient to dress in sweats? Come on – get serious! When you look good, you feel good – and when you feel good, you do good. Dress for success.

You not only want to project a certain image to your local community, but it’s also important to ‘be that wealthy woman leader’ when it comes to your on-line presence. Most of you are aware, by now, that I have recently re-branded to the Wealthy Woman Leader image. I am constantly up-leveling and growing my business and therefore, my professional image needs to reflect same. Our company image, locally and on-line, reflect this in every way. What about you? What needs to change? Take a very good look at your business and at your image from the eyes of a new prospect – what do you see? What do you want to see?

Prospects love to see positive client feedback – so make it available. In working with my clients, I realize that one of the reasons they have not been sharing positive client feedback is because they haven’t asked their clients for it. You want to create a successful business – then share the success stories of the people with whom you have worked. Pretty simple – yet, I know many potential wealthy women leaders hold themselves back from asking because of mindset issues again. In working with my clients, we have created a simple template, and an ‘ask’ script that makes this very simple.

So, if you are feeling somewhat jealous about the success of others around you, take some of these simple ideas and implement them today. You, too, will begin to experience progress, build your confidence, and watch that bank account grow – and be the successful business owner that you have just dreamed of being. It’s all in your hands! Make it happen today.

How to Be a Successful Business Person

How do successful entrepreneurs develop? Are they born, or made? That’s a question we’re unlikely to find a single answer for. There are arguments on both sides. Some people point to successes like Rockefeller, or Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs, as proof that entrepreneurs are born with a special combination of traits like ambition, independence, and keen business acumen. They are just somehow different than the rest of us and it is obvious from the outset.

The other take on entrepreneurship is that it isn’t always obvious from the beginning. Sure, there are the Bill Gateses of the world, but alongside these entrepreneurial giants there are also many successful business people who had other careers in the corporate world at one time.

All people who are entrepreneurs, regardless of how they started out, share certain qualities. These qualities seem to be required for someone to have success in this field.

A strong sense of independence is the first requirement. Many entrepreneurs leave jobs at which they are already successful, or set aside promising careers, to start their own businesses. Because they have a fierce sense of independence, and want to control their own workday, they find the risk worth it. Without this drive, an entrepreneur won’t be successful.

The ability to maintain focus is also crucial. To start a new business, it is important to be able to focus on the goal of turning your business into a success. There are many little tasks involved that you have to keep track of. Everything from finances to inventory to marketing and employee issues fall to the person in charge – you.

Being focused on the goal means keeping your business and its success at the forefront of your concerns. If you don’t do this, you end up with your attentions wandering and your profits falling off. It requires sustained, disciplined, focused effort to succeed in business. This is something that is required for any entrepreneur.

A strong drive to succeed is key. You have to be very motivated about your business. If you are not, you can end up astray and lose your heart. If you do this it is all too easy to decide that it just isn’t worth it.

It’s hard to run a startup. In the early stages, it can be very difficult to find clients and to generate business. Plus, then there’s the added burden of having to focus on all of the many tasks involved in the practical running of things.

There are other qualities that are of course helpful in an entrepreneur. Creativity, for instance, is quite useful, as is business acumen. Even luck is helpful. But the three I have outlined above are what really make the difference between a successful entrepreneur and one that fails.

Running A Successful Business Is Like Driving A Car

We buy a car to get us from A to B and the same applies when it comes to running a successful business- you need to have a good business model in place, to get you to where you want to be.

To create a successful business you will need the same 3 key components that driving a car requires namely a reliable vehicle, engine and fuel. So how exactly does this translate in a business sense?

The vehicle

Regardless of whether you’re starting a business online or offline, you will still need to have the right “vehicle “to drive you to success. By vehicle we mean the offer.

To run a successful business, your offer, whether it’s a product or service, needs to;

Appeal to the masses

Generate a high profit or commission

Be good

One way of making sure that your product/service is a good one that will appeal to the masses is to check out how much competition is out there for the same offer. If there is a lot of competition then this will mean that it is a good product that is in high demand.

Your job is to then make sure that you stand out from your competitors by being unique.

So how do you outsmart your competitors?

The Engine

That is where your “engine” comes in. The engine of your business is the system that you use to get customers to buy from you. If you have an online business then one great way of standing out over your competitors is by creating both a powerful website and creating your own unique landing page with a capture box included. By doing this you will start to build a valuable list so that even if your customers don’t buy from you on the first occasion, you can still market to them in the future. This technique can be invaluable in your quest to running a successful business.

If you have an offline business, there are other effective ways that you can build a list of prospective customers, including, storing customers’ mobile phone numbers and email details, so that you can text or email offers to them in the future.

So now that you have got your vehicle (the offer) and your engine (the system) in place, the next vital component needed for running a successful business is to add the right fuel (targeted traffic).

The Right Fuel

The first point to remember when finding traffic/customers for any business is that it needs to be targeted traffic. Just like a diesel car will grind to a halt if you put in the wrong fuel, (petrol), so too will your business, if you market to the wrong crowd. Therefore it is important to spend time working out who your target audience is and to make sure that you narrow your marketing efforts to that audience.

One powerful way to do this is to use social media sites that are free. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a means of joining groups within your niche and to also add followers who fall within your target market.

Another great way to reach your targeted audience is by using paid advertising methods like pay per click or Facebook paid advertising. However, if you decide to go down the paid advertising route, it is better to start off small and scale up once you start making lots of sales.

In my opinion success for your business requires finding a reliable vehicle, good engine and the right fuel. With all three in place, you will have the key ingredients needed to running a successful business.