The Law of Attraction & The Secret to Building a Successful Business

We all look on with a degree of envy at that select group of people who we consider have made it in the world, building a successful business, the big home, the sports car and expensive life style, you all know what I mean. How is it that the law of attraction has manifested this wealth for them and not for us? I mean to say we went to the same school, had the same marks and we got into the same college and university? We even went into business at the same time.

The one secret that has never changed and never will is

“Talking to Your Customers”

To build a successful business, I hope you are talking to your customers – “often”. If you don’t, how can you possibly meet their needs? How can you sell them products or services that they really want? If you’re not meeting client needs, how can the manifestations of wealth you seek for your business come true. Your success is built on the success of others who need your products or services.

This critical advice for owners of small companies can never be understated. The quickest way out of business is to forget this principal. Talking to your customers allows you to build a successful business on the universal energy that you both share from this interaction. Know your customers needs, manifest in your own mind the steps to success that they need to achieve, to bring the rewards to you that build your success. Be grateful as you proceed through each stage as a supplier, what ever the level. Be there for your client and they will be there with you. As they build their business yours will be pulled along with it. You may even want to think about joint venture if you can see a blockage in growth that can be beaten working together.

Remember success builds on success. This is the key in building a successful business. Clients remain loyal only on good service or there being no other supplier. Change these variables and see how long it is before you are out of business.

Not Talking To Your Customers?

If you aren’t talking to your customers, you have probably fallen into negative patterns. Lets look at some of the more common mistakes made repeatedly by small business.

Losing attitude #1 – You are so pressured to get short-term results in your new business that you forget about long-term strategies. There are times during the startup phase when you need to generate profits quickly. But at some point – the earlier the better – you have to get to know your customers so you can market to them strategically. If you don’t, any success you achieve will be short-lived.

Losing attitude #2 – You think that you already know your customers so well that there is no need to communicate with them. An even more damaging version of that attitude is, “My customers are just like me and they think the same way that I do. We’re on the same wavelength.” You are living in fantasyland. To build a successful business you need to understand; your competitor is just around the corner waiting to pounce. Relationships grow off understanding; close contact lets you know any changing needs or pressures on the clients business. Good relationships will give you advanced warning of competitor’s approaches and allow you to counter with supported serve levels.

Losing attitude #3 – You welcome good news from your customers, but shut off the bad. It is great to hear from customers who love you. But are you also eager to talk to them when they call to complain? Remember that complaints are much more valuable than praise. They point up areas where you can increase your profits by improvement this helps you build a successful business.

Losing attitude #4 – You have blind faith in your product or service. It is so great that it will succeed with no effort from you! That line of thinking also causes you to ignore your competitors. And remember that the more successful you are, the more aggressively your competitors are gunning for you. Relationships not just product or supplying a service, is the key to success. It is an established fact that a good relationship can allow as much as a 7% increase in the purchase costs of sales a client makes.

Losing attitude #5 – You think that you don’t need to understand and target specific consumer groups. All people are really just the same, right? No, wrong! Your profits are maximized only when you understand just who your customers are, so you can market to them strategically.

So the bottom line is;

To build a successful business you need to; Talk to your customers often and efficiently. Visit them to see how they are using what you have to sell. Survey them. Hold focus groups to pinpoint what they like and dislike about your company’s products, services, people and everything else. When customers call to complain, capture what they have to say. And share it with everyone in your organization.

Use the Law of Attraction [] to build a successful business. Manifest in your mind that which you want. Act as if you have it, and before you know it, it will be yours. Never waste your time dreaming about what other have, what you don’t have. You bring to yourself only what your really believe in. Negative thoughts are the key driver to negative events. If you are negative the gains you seek will remain unfulfilled and the concerns you had, will become reality.

Develop winning attitudes, Give gratitude for what you have. Trust the Law of Attraction, the universal laws of provision. Manifest that which you seek. Hold your belief in the manifestation. Think of it as a reality, live the dream where possible and you will see the results. Others will look at you and ask how he achieved it, ask why it happened to him and not me.

Ultimately, the success of your business and your marketing can only succeed if you listen to your clients. Ultimately the future you seek to MANIFEST will only happen if you follow The Law of Attraction Principals.


Do You Run a Successful Business?

If you take a sample of people and ask them what they think it means to run a successful business, the majority of the answers will be different. What one person defines as successful may just be a small step up the ladder for someone else.

Much of your definition will come down to what you actually want to achieve from your business. No matter what you want to achieve, however, there are a number of things that, if you run a successful business, you’re going to have to aim for.

The business will have to be able to cover the costs of buying or creating any products you sell. You’ll have to be able to pay the wages of any employees you have working for your business; that includes any work you do yourself. You’ll also need to make sure you have enough money coming in to pay any taxes that the business will have to pay.

All of those things will apply whether you’re the only person in the business, or you have a worldwide company with thousands of employees. But, that’s where the similarities between businesses end, and ambition takes over to determine if you run a successful business.

Do you want to make a comfortable living? Do you want to be able to leave the running of the business to someone else? Do you want to be a tycoon and have an empire that you can watch over? Or, is having just enough money to pay all of your monthly bills your definition of what qualifies for you as having run a successful business?

These are the sort of things you really need to work out for yourself before you go into business; each will require a different sort of business plan, and it helps to know what your end goal is.

If your aim in life is to have more time with the family, and that’s why you’re setting up a business, then you’re going to want to have a business that will run as smoothly as possible while you’re not there. This could mean getting someone else in to run it for you, or it could mean setting up something online that will run as automatically as possible.

Whichever of the two options you choose your definition of having run a successful business will be when you can spend that time with the family, and still have money coming in all of the time to pay for things.

If you want to be the next corporate millionaire and have offices all over the world, you’re going to have to go about things a little differently to the person wanting to spend more time with their family. You may still choose to spend more time with them, obviously, but the chances are that for the first few years at least, you’re going to be spending a lot of time making contacts, employing people, studying trends, etc, etc.

Here you’re going to have a different definition of what it means to run a successful business. Will it be when you’ve made your first million? When you have offices in America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific? Or will it be when you’re a global brand?

Although both types of business model take work and planning, the results are essentially the same; you have something that you specifically want to achieve at the end of it.

The ultimate aim of most people, no matter whether they go for the global domination or the increased family time, is to be happy with what they’re doing. If you can achieve what you set out to do, and be happy with the process and results, then the chances are you’ve run a successful business.

Could These Two Secrets to Getting Advice Be Helpful to Successful Business Women?

Successful business women know the importance of having mentors at various stages throughout their lives. Whether it was in school, sports teams, dance or other activities, who among us doesn’t remember having someone who offered the help, support and advice that helped us get some challenging times.

Business is tough enough for success business women so why not have some people you can count on for support. Many people will tell you what they think you want to hear, not enough will tell you what you should hear.

And receiving and accepting candid feedback is a main reason why successful business women get that way. They use it to avoid costly mistakes and make better decisions to achieve their business goals and professional aspirations.

Mentors are important to those who may be lacking the experience, knowledge or skills required in a certain task or position. Successful business women can leverage the capabilities of others to help them when their lack of experience could be a liability.

After all any stretch assignment has potential pitfalls where your lack of experience could cause you to fail. This is where a mentor can help. You learn from their mistakes, not just from yours.

But how do you know what type of mentor you need? Who would be the best person to help? How can successful business women find them?

The first step requires an objective self-assessment – You can’t find a mentor until you “find” (know) yourself. Only after you know what you need, can you find a mentor to help.

Ask yourself what do I really need in a mentor – if it’s for career then maybe you want to know what jobs you should be taking now. What course and/or training are needed? What assignments should successful business women be thinking about taking to give them the right experience given their career choices?

Or maybe you’re in a new role or stretch assignment. You might want to ask a mentor – What are the barriers to success? How do I get around them? Who should I involve? What other skills are needed? And so on. Determine and understand what you really want.

Step 2 – After you have answered these questions, ask yourself how a mentor can help you.

Mentors can help with a promotion, developing skills, identifying strengths, getting help with weakness and as well as business progress. They can also be business development sponsors for successful business women.

The right business related mentor is also someone who knows your field, can help you learn new things and is willing to give his or her time to help you. Often they have the knowledge and skills, open-mindedness, accessibility, trustworthiness and reliability.

Sometimes their great success comes with great egos which can be a problem. Just because someone has significant cache doesn’t mean they will help you. Successful business women will also need to determine the structure of the mentoring relationship – in person, virtual and global or network. And if the mentoring relationship is for long term or just for short period of time.

Successful business women may not find a mentor over night. They will need to continually be reaching out to people who they think could help. Meeting with them, sharing ideas and concerns. Over time you will determine if they are the right person for you: can they be the mentors that you need to help you and your business.