The Key Elements of Building a Successful Business

If you are like most new entrepreneurs, you will most certainly make many mistakes in the process of building a successful business. You are human…and you will falter. Be ready to humble yourself, accept that you will fumble and fall, learn from your failures, pick yourself up, brush the dirt off your back, and continue to look in the only direction that will bring you success…Forward.

“Failure is the tuition you pay for success” ~ Walter Brunell

In the last 4 years I have surrounded myself with many successful small business owners. I have taken notes, asked questions, investigated their tactics, picked their brain, silently watched and have done everything humanly possible to follow in their footsteps. In the process I have discovered the key ingredients of creating a business that can, and will survive in any economy…online or offline.

Putting People First

Putting your needs aside and putting people first is the foundation of any successful business. Building concrete relationships with your customers will create trust. Once your customer trusts you, they will refer you to others, buy your products and continue using your services. Without trust and customer loyalty..businesses don’t have a fighting chance.

In the Internet Marketing arena, thanking people may be as simple as retweeting an article, commenting on a comrades blog, or sharing their post on Facebook.

Zig Ziglar said it best when he said:

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Market Yourself, Not Your Business

Spamming and slamming everyone you encounter with a sales pitch about your new product or business is not only unattractive…it’s completely ineffective. People can smell the desperation all over you. Cold calling strangers, neighbors or old friends, and pitching your network marketing business opportunity to them in the first few sentences of a conversation, is not only self serving…it’s downright annoying. You may not realize this…not only are you wasting your time, you are also wasting their valuable time too.

The great leaders of the most successful businesses today didn’t get where they are by jamming the phone lines and filling people’s inboxes with useless and self serving sales pitches.

Remember what we all learned from our parents as a small child?

“You only get one chance to make a first impression” ~ Mom and Dad.

Learn the simple principles of Attraction Marketing. Not only will you see positive results in your business, but you will begin to see a difference in yourself as well.

Do Business With A Conscience

Your reputation as a person will become the fuel and driving force behind your business’s success. Be honest and forthright. If you lose the trust of one associate or customer, it can only take a few minutes, a few phone calls, or a few quick conversations…to lose them all.

One of my community’s most prominent and successful business owners has this sign in all of his stores.

“It can take weeks and months to gain a customer…but only seconds to lose them”

Self Education

Self education is inarguably one of the most effective tools in creating a successful business. Becoming a business owner puts you in the driver’s seat. You no longer have anyone leading the way. It’s up to you to seek out all of the quality information you can get your hands on to implement your business plan. Invest in yourself. It will prove to be the best investment you will ever make.

“Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune” ~ Jim Rohn

In A Nutshell

The holy grail of running a successful business doesn’t lie in the product you are Marketing or the service you offer. Implementing these key elements and tweaking them as you go along, is what most successful business owners focus on.

Surround yourself with leaders, listen to leaders…and learn from leaders.

And at the end of the day, after you’ve learned how to implement these basic business building principles, chances are…

You will be able to sell pet rocks to the President…or ice to an Eskimo.

How to Be a Successful Business Woman in Today’s World

Women can do business with as much success as men can. In fact, in many cases, women are better suited for certain ventures than men are. For example, all businesses that involve much direct contact with partners, clients, and even employees can be fit for women, since they typically tend to be more receptive and patient than men are. Still, not every woman can be a successful business woman – it takes hard work and certain innate qualities.

Finding Your Area
To be a successful business woman you should first find the area or niche that best suits your skills. This is often harder than it sounds, and it may even take a few years. Knowing yourself, as well as being realistic about your skills, is crucial – self-reflection as well as trial and error will be needed. A successful business woman is usually active in an area or niche that she is passionate about, that is to her more than a mere job.

Acquiring the Experience
All successful entrepreneurs have gained at least some experience before they venture into their own business. Most have acquired this experience by working directly in that area, whether they held senior positions or were simple employees. Before you can be a successful business woman you should have worked in a specific area enough to understand how it works. Some business women start ventures that are unlike anything they did before, but these women are generally few.

Working Hard
To be a successful business woman you must work hard. Luckily, most ambitious women are hard workers, so this requirement is no that daunting. It’s important though that your efforts are invested in the right area, otherwise success will come so slow that it won’t be worth all the sacrifices you have made. Here employees come into place – to be a successful business woman you need to hire the right people, and you need to do it from the start.

Getting Along With Employees
A successful business woman has to be respected by her employees if the business is to work. Hiring the right people is important here. Many issues between employers and employees arise not out of malice or ill will, but simply because the people in question have different personalities and simply cannot get along. Such problems can be avoided if you hire people that you feel you can trust, and especially those who are recommended to you.

Successful Business – Why Some Businesses Succeed And Why Others Don’t

Do you know there is only one ingredient that separates
successful businesses from unsuccessful ones? That
single ingredient is simply none other than how the
business owner(s) think.

The reason why some people succeed in business and
others don’t is that most business owners are negative
thinkers, and they don’t even realize it. They start a
business, but lack confidence in their own ability to
succeed in their business.

A lot of unsuccessful business owners have the
entrepreneurial spirit, but they lack focus – often jumping
from one business opportunity to the next. Most of them
have never taken the time to set clear-cut goals for their
business. They tend to be more concerned about how
much money they are going to make, rather than on what
potential customers want.

On the other hand, if you observe successful business
owners, you will notice how well their minds are focused
on success. They are positive, optimistic thinkers. They
do not jump from one business opportunity to another.

When they first start out, they do not scatter their energy
by starting and running several businesses all at once, but
instead will take the time to nurture and build one
business or product line upward (horizontally). They have
a success-consciousness, and are horizontal business
builders, instead of vertical business builders. They know
that it takes time and hard work to build a successful

Unsuccessful business owners tend to be impatient, and
expect to get rich overnight. They are unrealistic in their
goals, and want instant results. They often blame others
when profits are slow in coming, and will give up when the
going gets tough.

But, successful business people are fearless in their drive
to succeed. They will take immediate, massive, repeated
action to achieve their goals. They will never give up until
they make their dreams a reality.

They are more concerned about customer satisfaction,
inspiring trust in prospective customers, and building long-
term relationships with their customer base… the factors
that create success. They place more emphasis on
selling good products and services, than on making
money. They know and understand that the ultimate
reward of customer satisfaction is financial (monetary)

Some successful business people are well educated and
some are not, as far as a formal education is concerned.
What sets them apart from unsuccessful business owners
is that their mind stays focused on success, regardless of
the obstacles in front of them.

If you are to achieve success in business, it is important
that you maintain a success consciousness. You must
keep your mind focused on the road to success, not the
obstacles you encounter on the road to success.

When you know your purpose for being in business, you
cannot be led astray by circumstances, words, or other
business opportunities that have nothing to do with your
goals. You must train your mind to focus on the end
result – the goals-you want to accomplish, not your

If you do, you will be able to achieve practically any goal
you choose for your business.